Future Forests

Accelerating the pace and scale of forest restoration for a healthy Arizona

Forest Restoration: Meeting the Challenge

A century of fire suppression and two decades of drought has left our forests in urgent need of restoration. We must increase the pace and scale of forest thinning before we lose our forests permanently to large, catastrophic wildfires and a changing climate..

Transforming Forest Management

The Nature Conservancy is working with the Forest Service, wood industries, and stakeholders to accelerate forest restoration by reducing costs and improving how we work. Past timber sales valued one commodity for the public: large-tree sawtimber. Now, a restored forest, not timber, is the value. But management practices have not kept up. Substantial time and funds are spent to administer timber sales on tasks that do not meet current needs. We need new processes that value the end product of a restored forest rather than what is removed. The challenge is how to change agency practices without delaying ongoing forest treatments.

Investing in Arizona’s Future

The Nature Conservancy is investing our resources in helping the Forest Service develop new practices. We are testing ways to cut costs in forest treatments for harvesters. And, we are using information we receive to build trust among all, ensuring forests are ecologically restored.

Southwest Forest Assessment Project

We collaborated with the U.S. Forest Service to develop the scientific foundation to restore ecosystems throughout Arizona and New Mexico's National Forests, support preparation of Forest Plan revisions, and assist the public in evaluating restoration and management strategies. see our Southwest Forest Assessment Project