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Las Cienegas National Conservation Area south of Tucson, Arizona. A 90,000 acre intact grassland, home of the historic Empire Ranch, that is now owned and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The Conservancy and several partners are leading an adaptive management program that monitors and makes management changes based on observations of grassland health.

Our Approach to Science

The Nature Conservancy’s conservation science in Arizona engages stakeholders and expertise in applied science and policy to develop new information, ideas, and tools that can help solve some of our most pressing challenges affecting people and nature

Arizona Conservation Science

Arizona faces critical challenges in preparing for a prosperous and sustainable future. Solving pressing challenges about water supplies, how we grow, where we build our transportation and energy infrastructure, how we sustain our environment and improve quality of life will require strong, creative leadership, institutional capacity and public support. It also will require new information and tools to help problem-solve and enable stakeholders and policy-makers to evaluate options and tradeoffs. In an increasingly specialized world, solving complex problems will require better integration of policy and science in conjunction with public and private sector engagement.

Our website hosts almost two decades of conservation science generated by Arizona Conservancy staff and collaborators. It will also take a closer look at issues such as growth, water, and the management of our changing forests, grasslands and deserts. We will highlight initiatives that bring together people, science, policy, and solutions. Our conservation science draws upon staff from all programs within the Conservancy.

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