2013 Madrean Archipelago Conference Proceedings

Posted by
Dale Turner
on Nov 08 2013

Four articles from the 2013 Madrean Archipelago Conference are now available on our website.

We added four articles from the 2013 proceedings of the third conference on biodiversity and management of the Madrean Archipelago. Thirteen Conservancy staff from Arizona and New Mexico were authors on a dozen presentations at the conference.

Updated freshwater assessment GIS package

Posted by
Dan Majka
on Dec 09 2010

We updated and improved our Arizona Freshwater Assessment GIS data package to make it easier for you to map Arizona's rivers and the species that depend on them.

We repackaged the Arizona freshwater dataset as a set of ArcGIS layer files, allowing you to easily load the entire dataset at once. Additionally, we have added additional streams, updated the flow status layer, and added a new Wild and Scenic river designation layer.

Arizona river flow status

Arizona river flow status is one of the datasets available in our freshwater GIS dataset. Click map to enlarge

The freshwater assessment contains four primary datasets:

  1. Habitat for 33 native fish species
  2. Former and current perennial surface flow for Arizona’s rivers
  3. The distribution of threatened and endangered species (ESA) that require aquatic or riparian habitat
  4. Wild and Scenic River designations

If you do not have ArcGIS software, we have also provided a Google Earth KML file, which can be viewed using the free Google Earth software.

Download our freshwater assessment GIS dataset.

Draft ecosystem management plan for Aravaipa Canyon released

Posted by
Rob Marshall
on Oct 01 2010

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a draft plan for public comment on management of the 70,000 acre Aravaipa Canyon area in southeastern Arizona.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a draft plan for public comment on management of the 70,000 Aravaipa Canyon area in southeastern Arizona. Long known as one of the region’s premier desert river and canyon system, the area is jointly managed by the BLM and the Nature Conservancy.

Development of the plan was a collaborative effort among BLM, Arizona Game & Fish Department, and the Conservancy. The plan’s goals focus on restoration and maintenance of the Canyon’s ecosystems and identifying limits to use and development to ensure long-term health of the area. Conservancy staff members, Dale Turner and Mark Haberstich, worked on the plan with BLM and Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The draft Aravaipa Canyon Ecosystem Management Plan can be viewed at BLM's website.