Verde River water budget map

This map represents a combination of several data sources displayed geographically in order to better understand the influences on water resources in this important region.

The fundamental data set is a conceptual water budget prepared by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. This provides estimates of water inflows and outflows or removals from the system, broken out by discrete segments of the basin. Those values are graphically displayed here with proportional symbols placed within the appropriate subbasin or river reach. Those placements are diagrammatic and do not indicate precise locations of discharge or use.

Also mapped are land uses that have implications for water supply. These were derived from U.S. Geological Survey data on land cover, augmented with BLM data on housing density information from aerial photographs. Additional data displayed include perennial streams, major springs, and evaporative losses from Horseshoe and Bartlett reservoirs.

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Verde River water budget map

Added April 15, 2010

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